The I-Collective  presents

Indigenous Harvest Pop Up Dinner

November 22-24

Hosted by Dimes + The Pixie & the Scout

During Thanksgiving, a time that most Americans are gathering to celebrate a nostalgic story that erases this country’s history of genocide, the I-Collective pop up offers a different narrative that highlights indigenous communities’ resilience as well as our innovations in gastronomy, agriculture, the arts, and society at large. Strengthening inter-tribal relationships with food, agriculture, and technology are key components in our work to revise Thanksgiving in the American imagination and present a more truthful history.


Our work is guided by indigenous values that prioritize balance and reciprocity for all living things. For us, “thanksgiving” is not a singular event- we gather regularly to appreciate changing seasons and renew our sacred connections to the land and each other. Together, let’s celebrate a new Thanksgiving with an indigenous framework: collective promotion of a healthy food system that values people, traditional knowledge, and the planet over profit.  


Thank you for your support in executing this innovative work.