M. Karlos Baca


M. Karlos Baca (Tewa/Diné/Nuche) is an Indigenous Foods Activist and the founder of Taste of Native Cuisine, an Indigenous food cooperative based out of  Southern Ute in Southwestern Colorado, and focusing on pre-colonial Indigenous Foodways. His work has been featured in the Zagat Foodways series , AJ+  and most recently in Edible Southwest Colorado. Although cooking is his passion, the majority of his time is spent teaching traditional foraging methods, Indigenous agriculture, seed saving, and cooking technologies to youth groups, teaching in schools, and working to help decolonize the food systems within those communities, while pushing forward with Indigenous Food Sovereignty initiatives on the tribal level, and is currently engaging in creating racial and food justice frameworks in the Four Corners region. He is foremost a son, a brother, father to six amazing children, and a grandfather. Follow his Instagram here

Shannon Dosela

Shannon Dosela is a proud member of the San Carlos Apache Tribe.  He currently resides on the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation, which where he's lived all his life.  Shannon decided to further his education after high school and received a degree in culinary arts from the Le Cordon Bleu.  He is currently employed as a line cook with the San Carlos Apache healthcare corporation.  Shannon is also a harvester learning to gather different indigenous foods, which his Apache ancestors gathered and is learning to use modern and traditional healthy cooking methods to help his people.

Neftalí Durán 

Neftalí Durán was born in Oaxaca, Mexico to a Mixteco family of cooks, healers, and campesinos. He is a a chef, advocate, educator, and organizer, working toward an equitable food system. He is a Salzburg Global Fellow, and his writing and culinary projects have been featured at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian, the Smithsonian Museum of Merican History, the Native American Culinary Association,, The Cooking Channel, and as a signature pitmaster at the Cook 'n Scribble Longhouse Food Revival series in upstate New York. He has been a featured speaker on The Moth MainStage, Harvard, Smith College, and more. Neftalí's work is grounded in the belief that access to food is a human right. 

Neftalí was awarded Native American Chef of the Year by the National Museum of the American Indian in 2014 and 2015. Neftali has been an active member of the Native American Culinary Association (NACA) since 2013. Visit his Instagram.

Hillel Echo-Hawk

Hillel Echo-Hawk (Pawnee and Athabaskan) was born and raised in the interior of Alaska, around the Athabaskan village of Mentasta-home to the matriarchal chief and subsistence rights activist, Katie John. Watching John and other Indigenous Peoples fight for food sovereignty, as well as seeing her mother strive to make healthy, home-cooked meals for her and her six siblings has given Hillel a unique and important perspective on diet and wellness.

Hillel has a passion for local, ethically sourced and sustainable foods, all through an Indigenous lens and perspective. Echo-Hawk is dedicated to the food sovereignty of Native peoples and is committed to empowering all Indigenous Peoples by increasing knowledge of an access to traditional diets and foods. Hillel believes that food should feed not only the body, but the spirit and midshipmen's of the community. Her unique positioning and experience as an Indigenous person is making Chef Echo-Hawk a bright and rising voice in the culinary landscape. 

After receiving her Bachelor's degree in Culinary Arts from Seattle Central College, Echo-Hawk has been working as a chef in some of Seattle's most innovated and popular restaurants for several years. She has also worked as a private chef, catering various events form the local Native non-profits and Native community events with pre-colonial, Indigenous meals. Hillel is a sister, aunt, daughter, and active member of her community. 

Quentin Glabus

Quentin Glabus (Frog Lake Cree First Nations) graduated from the Culinary Arts program at N.A.I. T. in 2000 and received his first international job at Walt Disney World. His cooking has taken him around the world, where he has held the position of Executive Chef to the Ambassador at the Embassy of Canada in Tokyo, Japan (2008-2009) and Beijing, China (2012-2013) He was also the Canadian Guest Chef representative to the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei, Taiwan (2011-2012).

Quentin spent three years in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2014-2017) where he represented Canadian First Nations cuisine with the Consulate General of Canada. He headed the Canadian Olympic culinary team as a Private Chef. In March 2017, Quentin worked with the Canadian High Commission to Singapore, assisted with celebrating Canada's 150th Anniversary, and traveling through Southeast Asia including Manila, Singapore, and Vientiane showcasing First Nations cuisine. Quentin also took part in the World Gourmet Summit 2017 in Singapore as the Canadian Master Chef representing First Nations cuisine. He currently resides with his wife in New York City and looks forward to continuing his growth in the culinary industry as well as his study of First Nations culture and food. Check out his work online on Wordpress, Instagram, or his Facebook page Chef Quentin Glabus, Private Dinners. 


Iaonhawinon (Kaienkehaka/Mohawk) is a dedicated hardworking chef-in-training from Akwesanse, Ontario, Canada. She learned meat cutting skills right out of high school and moved to Toronto to attend George Brown College for her certification in culinary management and is currently honing her skills in upscale Toronto restaurants featuring Mexican, Asian and fusion Cuisine.  

She also honours the traditional food of the Mohawk people by cooking traditional family dishes. Iaonhawinon enjoyed sharing her knowledge with community members by recently teaching groups of adult students in the Akwesasne Culture Restoration program, high school graduates preparing to leave home and younger students at the Akwesasne Freedom School.

Iaonhawinon's love of sharing healthy, clean and delicious food is the seed that has grown into to her passion. Visit her Facebook.

Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez (Azteca) has five years' experience in fine dining, four years' as a private chef in Mexico, and four years as executive chef of the Elephant Room/Schastea in Cranston and Providence, RI. 

Frank Peralto

Frank Peralto is of the Navajo tribe (Dine') and comes from a small reservation called Tohajiilee, NM. He grew up and went to school there. Growing up he loved to cook and made sure his family was fed and to this day it's not only his passion but also his way of giving back to his Dine' people.

Brit Reed
Brit Reed (Choctaw) credits her initial love of cooking and food to her parents. While working in their family's camp kitchen, she began learning from her aunt the importance of cooking for The People in a good way and to embrace traditional women's roles. These experiences led her to pursue learning about traditional foods & medicines. Throughout her time at The Evergreen State College earning her BA and MPA with a concentration in Tribal Governance, she focused her studies on tribal food (in)security, food sovereignty, tribal food policy, and the effects of food on the health of our tribal communities. In 2015, she founded Food Sovereignty is Tribal Sovereignty - a native based group with a large membership base that are engaged in all facets of the the Indigenous Food Revitalization Movement throughout the Americas and parts of Europe. She is currently attending Seattle Culinary Academy. Additionally, she is working with Choctaw Nation Historian, Ian Thompson and Choctaw Nation members to learn more about traditional Choctaw foods that were eaten pre and post contact. At this time she is working with the Tulalip Health Clinic's Diabetes Program to teach healthy cooking classes to the community. Check out her Instagram

David Rico

David Rico was born in Socorro, New Mexico as a citizen of the Choctaw Nation. His first professional aspiration was to become a rockstar, but a combination of widespread economic collapse and changing music taste ensured that this dream suffered a long slow death.  He received his B.A. in History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health from Yale University.  Now David works as a the Late Night cook for Oyamel Cocina Mexicana by Jose Andres.

Rachel Sayet

Rachel is a Mohegan tribal member from Uncasville, Connecticut. She received her bachelor's degree in restaurant management from Cornell University in 2007. While attending Cornell, Rachel worked in kitchens and took many culinary classes. Upon graduation, Rachel worked as a personal chef in upstate New York. She later went on to receive her masters in anthropology at Harvard University. Rachel has been working for the Mohegan Cultural Department since 2013. Since then, she has also been researching Native American foods. She has presented her work throughout the country at conferences and classrooms. Rachel has also begun food sovereignty initiatives at Mohegan Tribe; partnering with the health department on gardening events, cooking and storytelling workshops for Mohegan youth, and a native cooking show. Her most recent project is the Native Foods Discussion Group, creating in order to share knowledge about seasonal eating, harvesting, growing, and fishing practices. 

Kristina Stanley

Kristina Stanley ( Red Cliff, Lake Superior Chippewa) began her food journey at a very young age growing up in a family that was very involved in the community and assisted in providing various community meals each year. Having experienced health issues involving very specific dietary needs at a young age, she began to examine her relationship with food on a much deeper level. She attended Northland College and studied Ecopsychology – with a focus on Horticulture Therapy. Her studies focused around food ecosystems, food access, and how an individual’s relationship with food and the natural environment affects both physical and mental health.

Kristina has worked in the food service industry for almost 20 years, working as a line cook, pastry chef, catering director, and other various management roles. Kristina also holds an Associate’s Degree in Meeting and Event Management, and works as an independent contractor planning events and conferences. She has also worked as a chef and marketing assistant with the Intertribal Agriculture Council and has assisted in planning various food sovereignty focused summits, conferences, and pop-up events.

For the past 5 years she has been operating a small, award winning, wholesale and catering company Brown Rice and Honey, located in Madison, WI. She is currently working on launching a new business, Abaaso Foods, which will service the Fox Valley and Madison areas. Utilizing Kristina’s unique viewpoint and experience, Abaaso will be an all plant-based deli and market featuring indigenous ingredients, and tribally sourced products. You can follow Abaasofoods on Instagram or support this endeavor and follow updates at

Brian Yazzie

Brian Yazzie (aka Yazzie The Chef)  is Navajo from Dennehotso, AZ on the Navajo Nation. Chef Yazzie has a degree in Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Culinary Arts and is continuing his education to pursue a degree in Hospitality Management from Saint Paul College. He caters private events and provides cooking demonstrations utilizing healthy Indigenous foods free of colonial ingredients. As the Chef de Cuisine at The Sioux Chef, he enjoys collaborating with other cooks and chefs on Indigenous food projects. Chef Yazzie aspires to explore old and new delectable Indigenous cuisine creations and educate all populations on the health benefits and possibilities of an Indigenous diet. Check out his website, Instagram, or email him