Liz Charlebois
Liz Charlebois is an Abenaki educator, artist, and leader. She was Chair of the New Hampshire Commission on Native American Affairs from 2013-2016, and is an accomplished basket maker, bead worker, dancer, and farmer.  Liz's focus is growing and preserving northeastern indigenous crops.  She has established a seed library dedicated to those seeds.   Liz uses the food she grows in many indigenous dishes, both traditional and contemporary.  She is a member of the younger generation of Abenaki people who are working to preserve and revitalize the culture, history, and identity of our original inhabitants.
Twila Cassadore

Twila Cassadore (San Carlos Apache Tribe)

Twila has been working with San Carlos Apache, White Mountain Apache, and Yavapi peoples for the past 25 years, conducting interviews with elders to bring information back into the community to address health and social problems. Twila described the importance of foods like grass seeds and acorn seeds to the diets of Apaches before people were moved onto reservations and became reliant on rations, and later, commodities.

Erica Scott

Erica Scott (Lenape) is experienced in community organizing, advocacy, and fundraising. She is a dedicated anti-sexual/domestic violence and reproductive justice advocate who has worked with tribal communities in New England, North Carolina, and Oklahoma. Erica has served on the boards of American Indian Women of Proud Nations, the Native American Alumni of Harvard University, and the Carolina Native Alumni Club (UNC-Chapel Hill). She is an avid women's southern traditional dancer and gardener.